How to grow potatoes at home

Who doesn’t love potatoes?

You can’t complete the most favorite dishes without them. Be it fries, pav bhaji or Vada pav 😊😍

Not sure if all go through the same thoughts, but I often wonder about the food we eat now a days which can do more harm than good. Especially with the non-organic ways of producing food in a country as large as ours!

Drifting away from the above random thoughts, here’s a way you can grow potatoes in a pot all by yourself. It’s absolutely organic and simple way I followed. Off course, there could be many more ways apart from the one a bored girl followed trying to make her weekends fun by soiling her hands.

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So here we go!

Step 1: Get your self a garden pot, fill it with the best soil possible preferably with no stones. I mixed some dried cow poop which I already had at home, and some sand . Mix all this mixture very well before you follow the next steps.


Step 2: Now storm into your kitchen, where your mom stores potatoes. Find a potato which looks quite like below. Look for nice fresh buds on any of those. They say its harmful to eat them sometimes, but good for us in a way.


Step 3: Separate them from the entire potato similar to the image below. Keep them 1 cm thick.


Step 4: They are ready to be planted. Sow them in the pot with 1.5 inch soil cover above them.


Step 5: Keep this pot in medium sunlight and water it twice daily. By watering twice, take measures so you don’t over clog the pot. Within a week you will see the shoots of potato plant smiling at you.


Step 6: Watch the plant grow like mine did, for around 1.5 months.




Step 7: Once it starts looking dried out, be ready to harvest your first produce.



Step 8: The happiest day ever!



Step 9: Pass them on to your mom. And if you are the mom, happy cooking! Yayy!!

Bye for now, Thanks for reading all the way..!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michku says:

    First step would be to take off your ring before you soil it 😁 Thanks a lot girl.. I love potatoes and these seem the healthiest.. will surely try. Next tomatoes please πŸ˜‰


    1. Thankuu michkuβ™₯️ ya ya il follow ur step 1 next timeπŸ™ˆ


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