Goa’s best beach – Picture Blog

Summers in Goa are very hot and humid. If you happen to travel to Goa, you would find heap of Indian tourists as compared to the foreigners. 🙂

Much so, because of the high temperature tolerance of the Indians I must say.

Although the title of this blog vaguely says South Goa, I am here to talk and show the beauty about my favorite south Goa beaches. 🙂

We all know Goa is the best to visit during monsoons or winters.
Yet, I happened to take a weekend break and went sun bathing at the much talked about and secluded south Goa beaches in the month of May.

The south district of Goa is beautiful and attracts tourist who are looking for some peace and tranquility. ♥♥

While riding through the roads very early in the morning, I absolutely fell in love with south Goa again. The ride through soothing shades of mango and jackfruit trees, coupled with the aroma of cashew fruits spilled on the tar roads took me back to my childhood filled with memories. I even plucked a cashew and picked a few jamuns while I was really thirsty and I had no drinking water remaining while hiking back from one of the beach.

As an Instagram savvy and picture addict, I love visiting beaches early morning with no people disturbing my solitude & also my picture frame.

We rode to the beautiful Butterfly beach on Activa for a view breathtakingly beautiful. 🙂

Never had I and Swapnesh been on a beach with absolutely nobody around until this day.

Those sounds of waves crashing, the shimmery sand, the greenish hues of water, everything was unbelievably beautiful as we reached there at 7.30 am in the morning. By the time it was 10am, we walked back to our bike where we met a few locals who had come there for a picnic.

Very soon we were completely exhausted with the summer heat, as we hopped 2 more near by beaches without having eaten any breakfast.

Below are the images of our photo trail..
Let me know how you liked the beach and the pictures!

For more deets on how to reach these spots, you can DM me anytime. ♥♥

No filter images ahead 🙂 1243657810

Never seen something so gorgeous.. ♥♥ beach #211

Spot me! 😛 912

Thank you for scrolling till here, until next blog, adios!

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Much love,

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