Weekends on fire: About fire and clay pot cooking

Are you one of those people who often feel guilty of being glued to your phone more than needed?
I absolutely belong to that club. 😀

However, the only time I do not feel the urge to use my phone is when I am doing my other favorite tasks. I recently fell in love with cooking and eating traditional food.

Going back in time when I spent my summer holidays in my native village, where most of the food would be cooked on fire, miles away from the technology and its hold onto the human race.

Recently after being married I realized, I can still infuse those old ways to satisfy my hunger and also make regular cooking flavorsome.

We seldom forget what we learnt as a child, and one thing I haven’t, is to light up a chulha in few minutes 😀

So here’s a series of how I have made my weekends interesting..

Have a look below to find out what tastes better when smoked on burning charcoal, hope you enjoy reading..

  1. Sweet potato: Full of fiber and 0 fats, this tastes great when burnt over fire and coal. It’s a must try.pixlr_20190427000127798
  2. Onion and Coconut: Smoke them on red hot charcoal and make use of it while making coconut based gravy for clams/tisyro or crabs. It will enhance the taste like no other.pixlr_20190426235854745IMG_20190331_115805
  3. Eggplant / Brinjal: Baingan bharta made out of fire baked brinjal tastes like heaven. Love to peel off the skin and scoop out the soft paste. I know it’s not a new thing I’m saying, but you know just documenting it here..IMG_20190607_222312
  4. Fresh Mackerel: Clean them, coat with some ginger, garlic, turmeric, and salt and roll it up in a banana leaf. Burn these pockets over the fire, and there you go, ready to eat!IMG-20180311-WA0000
  5. Sweet-Corn: Don’t wait for the stall-wala bhaiya to make one for you during the rains. DIY at home.IMG_20181215_122315
  6. Dried fish and Papad: This combo is just enough to make boring lunch flavorsome. Esp. dried mackerel. Don’t forget to sprinkle edible coconut oil for that tempt.pixlr_20190427000303780
  7. Creeper fruit (Karano): Ok, now I don’t know what this one’s proper name is, but its rich in nutrients and full of fibers. Smoke it up and chop to make a salad out of it. Tastes great.


Well, now if you are stranded on a no-man’s island, you know exactly how to deal with your hunger.

Let me know if you liked this blog or didn’t! Either way its helpful for me. If there is anything more I can just toss in fire and would enhance it’s taste, please DM me 🙂 🙂

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Thanks for reading, ♥♥


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    bangde palovn ruch aayli…


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