3 Islands You Cannot Miss While In Andaman

The route

Hi Everyone!!

Part 2 of my Andaman Islands blog is finally here..

They say, you don’t know what is missing in you, until you find it..
Travel is one such teacher.. who will teach you without you asking for it ..

Few of the best things I experienced during my trip:

  • Cruised my way to hop between islands.
  • Did scuba diving for an entire hour & washed away my fear of drowning and deep waters.
  • Traveled with a different group, and learnt I can enjoy every company.
  • Lived with zero or very little connectivity.

Whenever you plan to visit Andaman, you can create your itinerary the way you like,
but I suggest: Do not miss the 3 islands I am just about to describe.

Havelock, Neil and Jolly Buoy.

So here’s what I would like to recommend while you hop around.

  1. Havelock Island / Swaraj Dweep:

    This island is a love at first sight. The moment we set our foot out of the cruise, we knew we would have a great time here. Our hired cab took us to our hotel: Symphony Palm Resort via beautiful sandy roads.

    Things to remember during your stay in Havelock:
    1. Take into consideration the high and low tides, for they are very important for the scuba diving or other water sport activity.
    2. Don’t miss the sunset at Radhanagar beach, its Asia’s 7th most beautiful beach.
    3. Gorge on the huge tender coconuts and organically ripened bananas. *A must*

    Havelock (6)
    On reaching the dock of Havelock Island
    Havelock (1)
    Symphony Palm Resort, Havelock
    Havelock (5)
    Outside my room
    Havelock (2)
    The enthu clan, just before diving in!!
    Havelock (3)
    Scuba Diving

    Havelock (4)
    Radhanagar Beach
  2. Neil Island / Shaheed Dweep:

    This island is extraordinarily beautiful. Amazing weather and heavy rainfall boosts the vegetation of this island. Thick areca palms, coconut trees, small houses & simple people.

    Our hotel was Sea Shell Resort, which was the best among all we stayed.
    It had private beach, scrumptious food, beautiful rooms and great service.

    Things to remember during your stay in Neil:
    1. Stay here for 2 days. Recommended.
    2. Do scuba diving and other water sport on this island, for Neil has breathtakingly clear turquoise water.
    3. Visit Bharatpur Beach for Water Sport activities & souvenirs.
    4. Visit Laxmanpur I Beach during the sunset.
    5. Visit Laxmanpur II Beach during the sunrise.

Neil (2)
At the dock of Neil Island

Neil (12)

Neil (10)
Most recommended : Sea shell Neil Resort

Neil (1)

Neil (9)
Private beach at Low tide in Resort
Neil (6)
At the Resort next to the beach
Neil (4)
Resort had such huge and amazing trees
Neil (3)
At the Resort again
Neil (5)
Private beach at the resort
Neil (13)
Bharatpur beach : no filter

Neil (7)

Neil (2)
Creating my instagram pictures
Neil (1)
So insta worthy, right?
Neil (14)
Dead corals at Neil Island
Neil (8)
Me thinking about my husband whether he still remembers me 😀
Neil (3)
Thats my spot! Bazinga!
Neil (16)
Laxmanpur 2 beach

Neil (11)Neil (15)

3. Jolly Buoy Island:

This island is open for 6 months of the year. And during the other 6 months another island called Red Skin is open to tourists.
Jolly buoy is the most preferred and rarely visited island. I was unfortunate to not know about it until i reached Andaman. So it was too late to include in my itinerary.

Below is the google picture for reference:

Image credits to Google

FAQs :

  1. Best cruise to take: Makruzz
  2. Best time to visit: November to February
  3. Ticket of the cruise: roughly comes to 1200 INR (can be booked online)
  4. Is it worth visiting? : DEFINITELY
  5. Cost of the entire Andaman trip for 6 days : 35000 INR (per person)
  6. Hotels booked on? : GoIbibo / Make My Trip
  7. Do you need to book through travel agency? : NO, not necessary
  8. Commute: You can hire cars or even bikes on per day basis
  9. Shopping: You can take home souvenirs in the form of Corals being sold on the beaches
  10. Network availability: BSNL /Airtel / Vodafone
  11. Any more questions? : Please DM me On My Instagram

Cruise (2)Thank you for reading till here.

Don’t miss on the Part 1 of this blog.
If you haven’t read it: Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Part 1

Until next blog,
Vachat Ravat..

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