DIY – Wall Makeover

Hey guys!!

This is my 11’th Blog Post and it’s about a home decor DIY , and I could write these only because I had readers like you who spent time in letting me know what was good and not so good, throughout!

Thank you for that, and here’s hoping I will write better each day, and make it worth your time spent reading..

My purpose here is to inspire my readers to,

To take up a hobby they left behind due to busy life..

To take a trip to the nearest tourist spot..

To spend time doing beautiful things..

To make something out of nothing..

To spend more time offline..

To indulge in making your living space cleaner and prettier..

Also, I would like to make one thing clear is, I am not pretending to be an artist or a designer, I am just giving my hobby a new life..

I try my best to learn something from the beautiful accounts I follow on Instagram and Pinterest.. If you have never used Pinterest in your life till now, YOU are missing a big deal! Go explore!

The endless scrolls and taps on social media must help us in some way right..?

So here’s me, presenting my DIY PROJECT of WALL MAKEOVER..

Done by me :
Set of 6 plates for wall
Stencil work on wall

Things I bought and their Cost:  (ALL PRICES IN INR)
Stencil : 180
Double sided Tape : 280
Acrylic paint : 200
Garden up planter : 799
IKEA Stool : 299
White Rug : 400


The wall plates you get in the market or online are made of ceramic or clay. But, here I have used old plastic dinner plates.

  1. Paint the plates with white color, use Acrylic paints.

     2. Do any desired design over it.

     3. Refer Instagram OR Pinterest accounts for beautiful designs and color combinations.

    4. Use varnish spray as fixer for acrylic paint to dry up. Link to buy (

    5. Use double sided tape and stick them to the wall.. Link to Buy (

    6. No drilling is needed for the wall as the plates are light enough to be held by the tape.. * win win *



  1. Buy stencil from any paint shop or buy online on Amazon
  2. Use acrylic or wall colors depending on the size
  3. Let it dry
prep 1 (1)




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My source of inspiration for this DIY is my favorite youtuber for home decor Interior Maata.

Some useful links:


Do let me know how you liked my humble attempt of DIY home decor.

Thank you for reading!

Keep smiling!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Rashmi says:

    Great work Shradha


    1. Thank you Rashmi!


  2. trupti0607 says:

    I loved the plate painting! Good work Shradha! Keep doing creative stuff and keep posting 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot trups.. thank you for always motivating! 😊😊


  3. Loved it Shradha. My son has done something on our one wall. He has stuck branches inside three rectangle open frames, the branches leading to one another through the frames. Hope you understood. I do not have the snap right now. Will share this blog to my three artists at home.


    1. Sure, Thank you Sangeeta.. means a lot!!


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