Best hibiscus care guide from a 71 yr old

IMG_20200509_154708I often get asked, Do you really have so many varieties of Hibiscus plant?

And if yes, “How?”

You are seconds away from reading the best hibiscus care tips from my father-in-law who is 71 years old and is doing gardening since 51 years.

What would a normal person usually do when he/she wants to plant a new hibiscus?

  1. Buy a plant from nursery
  2. Borrow/steal a cutting

Believe me, stolen plants thrive better than the bought one’s, LOL 😉

But what happens after that?

The plants bloom for some time, and then starts to become rarely flowering, to not flowering at all.

My FIL has managed to keep his 32 varieties of Hibiscus thriving since last 10 years, grab a notepad my friend, I am about to spill secrets, just kidding, I know you can save this pin/link for later.

So, Here we go:

  1. Shining sun: Keep the plant in the full sunlight all day long, you know hibiscus are tropical.
  2. Water it twice daily when it’s not a rainy season.
  3. Mix a cup of wood ash in soil around the plant once a month.
  4. Loosen soil or re-pot your plant every 3-4 months.
  5. Use garden soil + Compost + Coco-peat when you initially plant it, ratio could be 60:20:20.
  6. When you buy a nursery plant, make 2-3 cuttings out of the main plant and plant them separately just in time for rains. Nursery plants have a tendency to die after a while. So the best way to keep you plant variety alive is to propagate it using cuttings. *Most Imp.*
  7. Try to plant your sapling in at-least 16 inch diameter terracotta/earthen pots. Although, best is to plant it in open space. *Pro tip*
  8. Buy a disinfectant, and spray on the plant occasionally about every month or if you start seeing some insects on leaves/stems.

Click the link to view all 32 varieties from our garden: 32 hibiscus types

My FIL has the most beautiful garden in our village, here’s his insta account: Pappa’s Garden

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See ya soon guys,



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