Hydrangea guide for India and other tropical countries

If you have seen Hydrangea flowers in real, I am sure it must have made you fall in love with them.

These are one of the most admired plants over the world, espy in the Europe.

Although their origin is documented as Japan. They are found extensively in Korea, China, Europe, Indonesia and our very own Himalayas. Even then, they are known to thrive in any climate if taken care of.

They make for excellent wedding as well as Christmas decor with table top center pieces.

There are about 75 known species, and one of them is called as “Wedding gown”.

So coming to how we propagated Hydrangeas to 15 pots from 1 single plant we got from the nursery.

I have made sure I didn’t miss a tip when it comes to Soil, Water, Propagation, Pruning, Sunlight & Fertilizer.

So lets dive in:

  1. Sunlight & Watering: Hydrangeas, as the name suggests, love water. They also love sunlight, especially the morning till early afternoon. Usually watering once in the morning is enough. But if the plant is in harsh sunlight throughout the day, make sure to water the plant 2 times, else the leaves will start wilting.
  2. Fertilizer: If the soil is rich in nutrients, you may skip this step. But if the plant growth is relatively slower, you may add some organic manure or compost once in 2 months. We use regular NPK fertilizer available on Amazon. You may also spray Neem oil occasionally, if there is any insect growth on leaves.
  3. Soil: Now the most important thing for any plant is the soil. You can use regular garden soil mixed with cocopeat and vermicompost in 70:20:10 ratio. We have purple to pink shades of blooms, and we haven’t treated our soil with any chemicals. Although in most of the blogs, they say that if you want darker flowers, like Blue color, make the soil acidic by maintaining pH below 7 using Soil Acidifier. If you love the purple-pink shades stick to pH above 7 which can be done by using Garden Lime powder. Usually most soils are basic, which is pH 7. These enhancers are available on Amazon.
  4. Pruning & Pinching: Pruning is most important step to keep your Hydrangea plant alive for years. Once the plant is done flowering, and the summers are over, pruning should be done. This will let your plant get new buds right in time for the Monsoon/Spring. It will also make the plant bushier. Another thing to note is pinching, you must pinch the new buds once the main stalk is 7-8 inches. It will give wonderful new growth, and increase the volume of your plant.
  5. Propagation: One of my favorite activity. Now, Hydrangeas might look very sophisticated, but believe me, they are the easiest to propagate. Be it soil or water propagation, we have done both. They both bring great results and that’s how we could make almost 15 pots from just 1 Hydrangea plant.
    • For Soil propagation, get small cuttings and plant in soil which is moist most of the time.
    • Water propagation could be done in a glass, and is super simple.
    • Once you feel the roots are developed and the cutting is showing slight growth, you can shift it to bigger pots.
  6. Potting & Planting: All our plants are currently in pots, and we repot the plant once in a year, after the summer blooms start to dry out. I suggest to have at least 10-12 inch pot, preferably of terracotta. You can even plant them in garden without pot if the soil is good enough. When re-potting, follow regular steps and remove extra roots of any. Loosen the top soil of the plant once every month.

All the above tips, are also down below in pictures, Do have a look.

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New buds can be seen coming after pinching
Bushy plant after regular pinching
Soil propagated cuttings
Water propagation

So that’s, the end of the tips for Hydrangea plants, have a look at some more pictures.

Pappa, all smiles with his piece of heart in all these plants!

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  1. Bhoomika.Revankar says:

    love this plant , amazingly described , always been a plant lover , we have two of these plants at my place , cant wait to try the technique of growing it which is beautifully described by you .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks you so much for reading! Yes please do use the tips mentioned. Happy flowering!


  2. Extremely informative and love that your dad is posing so sweetly with them!


    1. Thank You Shruti for reading! Good to connect here! happy reading!


  3. Liza Pinheiro says:

    Recently my friend gifted me a hydrangea pot and I’m so excited to see it bloom. Definitely gonna follow your tips. Thanks for the knowledge.


    1. Yes please do. And thank you for reading..


  4. Pooja Pawar says:

    Very Nicely written and with so much of information and useful tips. Love to see the bloom 👍🏼


    1. Thank you for reading dear!


  5. Arti Gaur says:

    Hi. What a lovely post. I was wondering if one could grow hydrangeas in Goa. I’m so thrilled to know we can. I recently moved to Goa and planning to start gardening here.
    Can you tell me where I can buy the plants from.
    Thanks !


    1. Hello Arti, thank you.. you can buy fully grown plant from Mr. Farmer nursery, they had good stock. We too sell small saplings which we have propagated.


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