6 Amazing indoor plants you can grow without spending a penny

By saying you need not spend any money to own below plants, I actually mean to say, you must grow them from cuttings. It’s a different kind of happiness to see a plant cutting give out roots and grow to its glory. So give it a shot at growing these plants if you don’t own them yet. Look out for plant parents among your circle. Your friends, family might be happy to share few cuttings with you.

All the plants I have listed below like to be kept in bright indirect sunlight. Good to water them only when the top 1 inch layer of soil has dried up. Remember over-watering can kill the plants, and also harsh sunlight. These plants love well drained soil, with little or no compost.

Just start adding these plants to your garden/home/desk and dont be surprised if it becomes your new hobby.

Pothos / Money Plant:

This is the easiest plant every beginner can start with. It can sustain any amount of neglect. It can grow in water as well as soil. They love to climb if given a support. You can even consider making moss pole at home. I have Golden, Marble Queen, Manjula, Njoy & Neon Pothos. Dip the cuttings in water until it roots, then plant them in soil. All these pothos are grown from cuttings, shared by friends & family.

Pothos propagated in water
All my pothos grown from cuttings

Philodendron BurleMax:

This is my favorite foliage plant. Glossy leaves with rich green color. It can make any corner ooze greenery. Absolutely easy and quick to grow. I myself got few rooted cuttings from a road side un-maintained overflowing pot, outside a government office.

Burlemax when i got it from road side
Burlemax now fully grown

Wandering Jew:

This plant has pretty purple leaves. Again very easy to grow. It makes for a good hanging plant. It doesn’t have to be well rooted. Just get a few cuttings and poke in soil. It was growing wild on roadside, where I had once gone for morning walk. That’s the fun of being a plant enthusiast, you see and recognize plants everywhere.

The cuttings I planted directly in soil
Wandering jew : Now

Purple Turtle vine:

A few strands of this vine were given to me by my plant friend. There are 2 more beautiful varieties too in this. They look so pretty once they grow out in hanging pots. Doesn’t ask for any attention, just water it when needed.

Snake Plant:

Known for air purifying properties, this plant is excellent for beginners. Widely used as indoor plant. My first snake plant was from a public garden. It was growing out of the fence, and nobody to take care of. The one’s you see here are swapped with friends and family. I have 5 varieties of them, and none are bought. Call me lucky 😉

Snake plants


The lucky plant.
Now coming to the last plant in this list. And my absolute favorite. We literally grew it from a 4 leaf stalk. Got it as a small cutting from a nursery & it was so satisfying to see it grow. Till date we have given 9 baby jades as give away. And the mumma plant has done nothing but thrive since day one.

Thanks for reading.
The first five readers to approach me can collect cuttings of these plants as a bonus.

Happy gardening friends. Go green.

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