Enchanting Yana caves!

Seldom you come across places which take your breath away. Yana, is one such natural wonder with captivating beauty.

The road distances on the NH17 connecting Yana village are: Kumta – 25 kilometres, Sirsi – 40 kilometres, Gokarna – 52 kilometres.

Our biker friends recommend riding to Yana, but of course we aren’t one of them, hence it was a car journey.

A road trip which started on a Monday in our very humble Alto, made us realize it is the least travelled day. Yana caves just made the experience unforgettable. The ever smooth Karnataka highway roads made our journey even better.

We met a wonderful human being on the way, supposedly a Police on duty, who asked us for a lift. Unhesitatingly we agreed to drop him to Yana caves. He told us stories which probably only a guide would know.

With beautiful thick green forest around, small rivulets flowing generously while trekking up the hill for just half an hour.. we came to know that this is the cleanest village in Karnataka. Situated in the Sahyadri ranges, Western Ghats are nothing new to us Goans, and we all know what they mean to us.

At Yana caves, 65 such monoliths are spread across this area, with 2 being massive: Bhairaveshwara Shikhara & Mohini Shikhara. Don’t miss the temples inside the cave and the ever dripping rain water on the Shiv Ling.

As a mythology lover myself, it was splendid to re-live the story of Bhasmasur. Ash like soil, covers the whole area and gives you a reminder as to how every Hindu mythology story has a reasoning and proof to support it.

Pictures don’t do justice to how this place looks in real, and one could only visit it to feel it’s untouched beauty.

Don’t forget to visit the Vibhuti falls in case you plan to go to Yana caves. It wasn’t in our plan, so probably next time.

Parking area: 40 Rs. for car parking

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