1. The Palace of illusions – Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Mahabharata written from Panchali’s perspective. What a spectacular book ever put forth.
Chitra is a charmer just as much as Panchali was.

A human desire can overpower every conscience, and make one fall to the lowest point or place him among the stars. It’s only after you have amassed all wealth, you realize you didn’t need it after all. It’s only after you win, you realize it wasn’t worth sacrificing your whole life.

For a man, his self-respect is above everything else, even his woman.
A woman can create a storm, can stop the storm, and can also endure the storm.
Vengeance is the sole reason for Mahabharata to happen.

2. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck – Mark Manson

Truly worth the hype. This book tells you to “Not try” being someone else, to not pretend & affirm things in the mirror you are not!
A person who is truly happy doesn’t need to stand in front of the mirror and convince falsely that he/she is happy.
Happiness comes from actions and not affirmations. It makes you realize that you need to be there for the most important people in your life. To do things because you want to, not because you want to be recognized. The author tells you to not give a fuck with so many life stories of his own. Absolutely worth reading.

3. Sita – Amish

Not a personal favorite. Amish has written his own perspective of Ramayana through Sita’s eyes. In which he has got the main story of Sita’s swayamwar completely wrong and has got himself confused with that of Draupadi’s swayamwar from Mahabharata.
The only part I enjoyed was the way he has narrated Sita as strong and skillful, which none of the books talk about. A woman of such high caliber that she was, needs to be known by all. And not just the greatness of Ram.

4. Wisdom for the new millennium – Sri Sri

A book I think I should have put down after starting, but I somehow finished reading it. A lot of philosophy, a lot of patience was needed to finish this one.

5. Life’s amazing secrets – Gaur Gopal Das

Wonderful book! The best take from this book is it will compel you to think about how you are as a person. It will help you judge all around you in a manner that will leave you with compassion and sensitivity towards others and yourself.
Relationships, power of speech, human nature are some of the few topics that are beautifully highlighted using his and others’ life experiences.

6. The night train at Deoli – Ruskin Bond

Bond’s books need no introduction. Grab any of his books and he will transform you into a Pahadi, a lover, a writer, and much more. Its simple old-world charm is apt till today and his experience is massive. I am nobody to speak about him, he is epic.

7. Indian Super Foods – Rujuta Divekar

Through this book, Rujuta will make you think twice about Kale, Muesli, Protein shakes, and every food item which comes in fancy packs and gets sold in super-markets. She speaks proudly about the benefits of home-cooked, less traveled, locally grown food. Why Indian food and food habits need a reboot. How Indian food is being respected world-over but forgotten in its own land. This book will compel you to eat right, eat local, and feel good about what you are eating.

8. Swami – Ranjit Desai

An eternal love story of the by-gone era. This book is the story of the Great Emperor Madhav Rao Peshve, descendants of the great Bajirao Peshwe. At a young age, a man of great caliber, and even greater morals, brought glory to the Maratha empire. At 27, after winning multiple war battles, lost the battle of his life to illness. This book shows us to what extent greed for power can take a person. A heart-breaking tearful love story that only had sacrifices till the end in the life of Madhav Rao and Rama. Selfless, dedicated, and unanticipated of any worldly pleasure, Rama will leave you in tears by the end of this book. Beautifully written kadambari, which not only touches your heart but soul.

9. Dollar Bahu – Sudha Murty

It’s never too late to be introduced to a great author, Sudha Murty. She spells magic through her words. You just can’t put her book down without finishing it. This book is an excellent read for any age. Easy, crisp writing. It tells us about the fascination Indians have for NRIs, the money they earn, and the lifestyle they live. You only know till you know.

10. The day I stopped drinking milk – Sudha Murty

Compilation of wonderful real-life events in Sudha Murty’s life and the learnings from it, don’t miss this one.

11. Gently falls the bakula – Sudha Murty

Another gem by Sudha Murty. Keep tissues handy. Another story with a beautiful message and a lesson.

12. A Christmas carol – Charles Dickens

A book, I am not meant for. Very tough to finish. Excellent book for those voracious readers out there who love classics. This book has a lovely message for us all.

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  1. Michku says:

    Wow, that’s an excellent summary! Sudha Murty is indeed a charming lady.. So what’s being read this year? How do you choose your books? 🙂


    1. You are too kind. I am open to suggestions and good reviews from other readers, also i just grab books I like from my sister-in-laws cupboard 😀


  2. Tari says:

    Nice collection


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