Hampi – the open-air museum

The land of ancient palaces, stone carvings, tons of monkeys, swaying palm trees, paddy & sugarcane fields, and banana orchards. I was mind blown by the things Hampi had to offer and enjoyed my 2.5 days to the fullest.

Coorg: home of coffee, spice & everything nice

Set up in the western ghats, Madikeri town(Headquarters of Kodagu destrict fondly known as Coorg – British name) is sure to take you away from the worries and busyness of day-to-day life. The picturesque valleys, the beautiful houses with pretty gardens, gushing waterfalls, misty mornings, spice plantations, and so much more. The early morning drive…


Book reviews and lessons I learnt from the 12 books I could finish reading in 2021. Got back to reading after ages, and it felt good. Documenting more for self than for the public.

Enchanting Yana caves!

At Yana caves, 65 such monoliths are spread across this area, with 2 being massive: Bhairaveshwara Shikhara & Mohini Shikhara. Don’t miss the temples inside the cave and the ever dripping rain water on the Shiv Ling.

DIY – Wall Makeover

Hey guys!! This is my 11’th Blog Post and it’s about a home decor DIY , and I could write these only because I had readers like you who spent time in letting me know what was good and not so good, throughout! Thank you for that, and here’s hoping I will write better each…

DIY – Taking fruit stamping to another level

Hey guys!! Well, it hasn’t been long since I last spammed you with my new blog post link. And here I am with another one! Kill me or love me, I will forever spam my friends and foes with new links! Today its a little different kinda blog, easy and fun. Become a child or…